Rockerloumi Salad

Must try this amazing salad!!

4 handfuls of rocket

Half halloumi cheese ( cut to small pieces)

Walnuts, handful 

Dried figs, 2-3 ( cut to small pieces)

olive oil + balsamic vinaigrette + honey – to be blended together until it uniform mixture

Add all into a bowl, pournover the blended mixture and ENJOY!!!!


Individual Goat Cheesepies

These individual cheesepies are so easy and fast to bake as they are tasty!! 

Amazing to prepare for kids, if you have guests coming over for tea or coffee.


– 500grams of self raising flour

– 2 eggs

– 400grams goat cheese

– 1 glass of olive oil ( 1/4 litre)

– 1 glass of strained yogurt (1/4 litre)

– pinch of salt and a pinch of peper

Throw all the ingredients in a bowl and mix until the mixture becomes homogeneous. 

Preheat the oven at 200 degrees celcius and put nonstick paper on your tray.

Shape the mixture into small balls and place in your tray. Bake until golden brown.